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Gamerspan is a hub for the latest news on the latest Tech Products, Gadgets, computer hardware, and video games covered by a team of gaming enthusiasts who are talented experts in building computers. The site gives them the latest news on various technological advances, patents, and rumors that are mentioned in the computer hardware sector.

About the Gamer Span Staff

Della Rowe Content manager of

Della Rowe

Della Rowe is a computer expert who loves anything and everything to do with technology and the experiments that come with it. Gaming is his favorite hobby, and he often spends his free time reading books or playing video games. Della has a vast knowledge of computers and is always happy to share his expertise with others.

Arun Sharma Chief rditor and manager of

Arun Sharma

Arun Sharma has been a hardcore gamer since childhood. His passion for writing developed due to gaming, and he started writing about two years ago. He has written extensively on video games, including reviewing new releases.

He also writes about other topics related to his interests like technology, movies, TV shows, etc., apart from anything else that catches his attention. He also loves to play Minecraft, PUBG, and COD games. Some people might be surprised that he even plays GTA V and other popular games.

Elbert Fay

Elbert Fay

Elbert Fay is a PC hardware enthusiast who loves to research the latest technologies and gaming trends. He has spent countless hours gaming and reading about PCs. Aside from writing, he enjoys reading novels in his spare time. Elbert is always looking for new ways to improve his skills and share his knowledge with others.

Lavina Jaskolski

Lavina Jaskolski

Lavina Jaskolski is an engineer obsessed with technology. She loves testing the newest gadgets and exploring computer hardware and software. Her background in electrical engineering allows her to understand how technology works and how to make it work better. Lavina is a problem solver and a tinkerer at heart. If you need help with your computer, give her a call – she’ll be happy to help!

These are our staff who make this website possible. They are hard-working individuals that help us provide the best content to users. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.