How to use built-in microphone on a PS4 controller?

use a built-in microphone on a PS4 controller

A built-in mic on a PS4 controller is a handy feature. It allows you to record audio without having to buy an external mic. But how does it work?

A built-in mic on the PS4 controller works by using the controller’s vibration. It uses the vibrations of the controller to pick up sound. So, if you want to use the built-in mic on your PS4 controller, you need to know how to activate it.

To turn on the built-in mic, press the cross button (X) on the left side of the controller. Then, hold down the circle button (Y). After holding down the Y button, release the X button. Now, you can start recording audio.

You can stop recording by pressing the X button again. To save the recorded file, press the triangle button (Triangle), and select Save Recording.

If you want to playback the recorded file, press the Triangle again. And it will display your saved files on the screen. Select the file you want to listen to.

When you finish listening to the file, press the X button to end the playback.

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Steps to using a built-in microphone on a PS4 controller?

The following steps are for the DualShock 4 Controller. The instructions may vary slightly depending on which model of PS4 controller you have.

1. Press the cross button (x) on the right side of the controller.

2. While still holding down the x button, press the circle button (circle).

3. When you see the green light flash, release both buttons.

4. You should now hear a faint noise from the speaker in the controller. This indicates that the microphone has been activated.

5. If you want to pause the recording, press the circle button again.

6. To resume recording, press the x button again.

7. To stop recording, press the x or circle button again.

8. To save the recording, press the triangle button.

9. To load the last saved recording, press the triangle again.

10. To replay the last saved recording, press the triangle button again.

11. To exit from the recording mode, press the x button.

Now, you know how to use the built-in mic on your PS4 controllers. Let’s take a look at some other cool features of the controller.

How do I connect my built-in mic to my PS4 headset?

There are two ways to connect your PS4 controller with a headset:

1. Connecting the Headset to the PS4 controller via USB cable

This method requires a USB cable. There are two types of cables available: one for wired connection and another for wireless connection.

2. Using Bluetooth technology

This method doesn’t require any special equipment. All you need is a Bluetooth enabled device such as a smartphone or tablet.

You don’t need to worry about connecting the headset to the console with this method. Instead, you need to pair the headset with your mobile device. Once paired, you can easily switch between them.

How do I adjust the volume on my PS4 controller?

Your PS4 controller comes with adjustable volume control. By default, the volume level is set to zero. Press the up arrow key on the controller’s touchpad to increase the volume. To decrease the volume, press the down arrow key.

Press the square button (square) on the controller to mute the sound completely.

How do I change the language settings on my PS4 controller?

You can change the language setting by pressing the L1 button on the controller. For example, if you select English as the language, you’ll be able to type commands using the keyboard layout found on the PlayStation 4 system.

If you’re not sure what language you’d prefer, you can also choose the option “English (US)” when you first turn on your PS4 system.

If you want to change the language later, follow these steps:

1. Select Settings from the Home screen.

2. Choose System Settings from the list.

3. Choose Language & Text Input.

4. Choose the language you’d like to use.

5. Press OK to apply the changes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does the red light mean on my PS4 controller’s touchpad?

    The red light means that the controller is charging. When it turns off, the controller will no longer charge.

  • Why am I getting error messages when trying to play games?

    If you get error messages while playing a game, try restarting your PS4 system. This usually fixes the issue.

  • My controller has stopped working after installing update 3.50. Is there anything I can do to fix it?

    Yes! You can download the latest firmware version, 3.55. It should solve all issues related to the controller.

  • Can I use my PS4 controller with my PC?

    Yes, but you may have to make some adjustments. Please refer to our article on DualShock 4 Controller Compatibility Guide.

  • Does my PS4 controller work with Xbox One?

    No. Your PS4 controller works only with the PS4 system.

  • Will my PS4 controller work in other countries?

    We’ve tested the controllers in many different regions worldwide. However, we cannot guarantee that they will work everywhere.

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